Tiffany Tillman

Tiffany Tillman is a graphic designer and illustrator internationally noted for her coloful and technique-inspired creations for the scrapbooking industry. She is a former Dream Team member for Creating Keepsakes magazine, where she created artwork and articles for CKMedia books and periodicals.

Since her induction into the Scrapbooking Hall of Fame in 2005, Tiffany has contributed her designs to hundreds of periodicals, books, DVDs, and creative projects around the world.
She still does the laundry.

As a freelance artist, Tiffany licenses her layout templates and products for digital scrapbookers to Design House Digital. She is currently developing and teaching intermediate to advanced digital techniques in the United States as well as online. Always a comedian, she shares her passion and brass-balls humor on her blog at Simply Tiffany.
Tiffany considers the beach home and lives in Virginia Beach, VA with her young diva-daughter and super-human son. She cooks, sings, delights in a game of Bid Whist with her folks, and participates in Green-Initiatives around her community. In addition, she is a football fanatic and knows no better team than the Dallas Cowboys with the one exception being the Cowboys of the 1995-1996 season.
Tiffany hopes to inspire her fellow scrapbookers to take photos of what they love, record memories of what they see, and be free of rules and limitations. Just create!

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